More opportunities for enterprises in Xixian

Xixian New Area is entrusted with the mission of improving the city's development pattern, especially culture-driven development.

Xixian provides services for settled enterprises

In Fengxi New City, Xixian New Area, Shaanxi Yijing Garden Design Project Co Ltd (Yijing Garden), which has undertaken all kinds of greening projects in the area, is hailed as a "city beautician" for the great contributions it has made to the city's beauty.

Comprehensive services help enterprise develop quicker

Yan Fan said that Xixian is a national new area that boasts a good business environment, great investment incentives and favorable policies.

High-Quality service improves confidence among enterprises

Xixian InJoy Square, constructed by Future Land Holdings, is the first project that the company has completed in the northwest.

New area dedicated to regional pan-entertainment industry

"The biggest advantage of Xixian's business environment is its comprehensive nature, which was proven by frequent field investigations by department officials from the new area," said Meng Qingzhen.