Wisdom Uni-Town

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Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor, also known as Wisdom Uni-Town (hereforth referred to as Innovation Harbor), is a national project jointly initiated by China's Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Provincial Government. 

It is an important platform for Shaanxi province and Xi'an Jiaotong University to implement China;s Belt and Road Initiative, the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy and the Great Western Development Strategy. 

It is jointly constructed by Xi'an Jiaotong University and Xixian New Area. Located in Xixian New Area's Fengxi New City, the harbor covers a land of 23 square kilometers, including an area of 10.5 square kilometers as construction land. 

Apart from its positioning as a platform for innovation-driven development, the harbor has also been positioned as a national mission carrier, a global science and technology hub and an engine to service Shaanxi.

Jiaotong University Innovation Harbor High School will have 24 classes in its senior department and 48 classes in its junior department. The affiliated international school (International Department) has 12 classes (each class seats 25 students). In total the school will seat 3,900 students. The school's construction started in 2018 and is set to open in September, 2019. The school covers an area of 150 mu. Its overall investment amounts to 380 million yuan. It will be governed directly by Xi'an education bureau.