Huanggang Experimental Middle School Jinghe School (Name TBD)

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As a premium basic education project, Xixian Huanggang Experimental Middle School Jinghe School (Name TBD) was prioritized and introduced into Xixian New Area's Jinghe New City. 

Currently it is the only authorized partner of the famous education brand Huanggang in Shaanxi province. With a century of history, Huanggang has now brought its premium educational resources to Xixian. 

The one billion-yuan ($1.46 billion) project is invested and constructed by Shaanxi Hengrui Cultural Development Company Limited. It has a construction area of 200,000 square meters within a planned plot measuring some 260 mu (17.33 hectares).  

The school is located at Lehua 2nd Road of Jinghe New City. It is a full-time 12-year program. The school has two campuses, one being the elementary and junior high departments and the other being the senior high department and the international department. 

Each class seats no more than 30 students. The school is scheduled to open on Sept 1, 2018 and can seat 3,500 students in all departments. Currently the main structures of the school have been completed.