Fengdong No 6 Junior High School

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Newly established in 2017, Fengdong No 6 Junior High School is a standard junior high school. Covering an area of 23,952 square meters, the school has four buildings, including a lab building, a conference hall and an administrative building, as well as a cafeteria, a sports field and the teacher's building. 

Its playground features a 300-meter plastic runway and is equipped with sport facilities and amenities. To improve teaching quality and teaching conditions, the school has been equipped with the most advanced facilities and supplies.

With a full setting of 1 department and 28 labs/rooms including a dancing room, a calligraphy room and a left-behind children care center, the school is in complete compliance with China's education development policy of Popularizing High-Quality, High-Level Pre-School Education and Regular High School Phase Education and is in accordance with the national standards.