Xi'an Fengdong Concord College of Sino-Canada

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Fengdong Concord College of Sino-Canada is the first modernized, high-quality and high-standard international school jointly established by Canada's AKD International Education Group and Fengdong Educational Company in Shaanxi province. 

The school positions itself as a new-type of international school featuring a 12-year all-phase educational model covering elementary, junior high and senior high.

With an overall construction of 32,800 square meters, the school's facilities include teaching buildings, cafeterias, student apartments and sports fields. Its teaching, dining and living environments are all fully equipped with first-class facilities.

The setting of teaching facilities and equipment strictly follows the standards matching the world's leading schools. Apart from teaching classrooms, labs and staff offices, the school also features another 20 functional rooms for disciplines including art, geography, Chinese chess, Chinese studies, dancing, golf and health. The swimming pool, fencing classroom and indoor basketball gym are being constructed.

The school mainly follows the national curriculum and fully implements all courses required in the compulsory education phase while it also has premium Chinese and Canadian courses integrated to create a unique bilingual teaching environment. 

Jointly managed by education experts from the two countries, the school currently employs 27 Chinese teachers, all holders of a Teacher Certificate, and four teachers from Canada, who are all certified and experienced teachers assigned by the education department of Canada's New Brunswick.