Shaanxi Normal University Olympic Garden School

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Shaanxi Normal University Olympic Garden School was established by the university in 2010. Fully managed by the Shaanxi Normal University, the school features a full-time 12-year program and has been rated as a Standard High School in Shaanxi Province (a provincial key school). 

Since its establishment, the school has been actively exploring and forming its own school management characteristics. It has obtained over 100 honorary awards, winning positive reviews from upper administrative authorities and all sectors of society.

In recent years, the school has seen further distinction for its teaching quality and school management with the adoption of 8Gs: Grasp School Spirit, Grasp Quality, Grasp Curriculum Reform, Grasp Students, Grasp Students, Grasp Scientific Research, Grasp Characteristics, Grasp Enrollment and Grasp Implementation. 

The performance of its students in the senior high school entrance exams and the college entrance exams are remarkable. All students taking the college entrance exams earned marks higher than the minimum control line. The number of students who earned marks surpassing the 2nd-tier university control line were 150 percent higher compared to 2016 results.