Tsinghua University High School Qinhan School

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Invested and constructed by Qinhan New City management committee of Shaanxi province's Xixian New Area, it is the first full-time 6-year boarding school managed by the renowned Tsinghua University High school outside Beijing. 

Following the innovative educational model applied by Tsinghua University while also focusing on and integrating local circumstances, the school has established three major curriculum systems: the national curriculum, the school curriculum and student's self-directed curriculum. 

The school has also been exploring and practicing teaching methods concerning local curriculum, integrated curriculum and the Chinese and English Grading Exam.

School Principal Mr Wang Dianjun has been exploring innovations in the field of basic education, formulating development schemes in talent training, education reform and innovation, as well as the undertaking of social responsibility. 

With an objective to "build a world-class brand school" and the mission "to lay a foundation for leading talents", Wang has been an advocate for currculum development, innovative talent training and international education development. For his outstanding achievements, Wang was once awarded as China's "Renowned Modern Educator".

Qinhan School was constructed as a model high school at the provincial level. It covers an area of 350 mu (23.33 hectares), in which 242 mu is the senior department and 108 mu the junior department. 

The overall construction area is 170,000 square meters and the overall investment is more than one billion yuan. Currently there are 66 classes seating 2,634 students, in which 1,608 are in the senior department and 2,026 in the junior department. 

Within three years of its establishment, the school has been chosen as a base for the Chinese Traditional Cultural Inheritance Program and an experimental school for the Truth Seeking Academy of China Tao Xingzhi Research Institute. 

It has been rated as a Standard High School in Shaanxi Province and an Outstanding School in Quality-Oriented Education in Xi'an City. In 2017, two of the first graduates of the school were admitted into Tsinghua University; 794 students won various awards in 14 national contests and 140 students won 10 provincial awards. Such records were the highest throughout the whole province.