Innovation ushers Xixian New Area onto the track of the new economy

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The International Forum on Scientific and Technological Innovation and New Economy, a parallel forum to the First Xixian New Area International Forum on Innovative Urban Development Mode, was held in Xi'an on October 13, 2018. Some 400 representatives from international organizations, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, Fortune Global 500 companies, Silicon Valley start-ups and prominent domestic enterprises gathered at the forum to explore such issues as how to promote scientific and technological innovation, the development of the new economy and how to inject new impetus for healthy and sustainable urban development. 


International Forum on Scientific and Technological Innovation and New Economy (Photo by Song Xuewei)


Speech delivered by Kang Jun, Director of Xixian New Area Administrative Committee (Photo by Song Xuewei)

At the meeting, Patrick Nijs, the co-founder of the EU China Joint Innovation Center and its Belgian Global Coordinator, Guenter Pytel, the Vice Chairman of the Austrian New Silk Road Association, and other distinguished guests delivered keynote speeches, sharing their new ideas and practices concerning the transformation of urban development through scientific and technological innovation and the new economy. A lively panel discussion on "Industrial Upgrading in the Era of Artificial Intelligence" was also held, during which Professor Rick Rasmussen from the University of California, Berkeley and his peers on the panel offered their in-depth and unique views on the present and future of robotics and AI.  


International Forum on Scientific and Technological Innovation and New Economy (Photo by Song Xuewei)

The Xixian New Area signed the Innovative Urban Development Economy Alliance Cooperation Agreement with the China Science Center of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and two other organizations during the forum. According to the Agreement, the three premier think tanks will be tasked with providing intellectually rigorous and sound consultancy services for spurring the innovative and high-quality development of Xixian New Area. 

In recent years, Xixian New Area has prioritized the fostering of a suitable environment for promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of the new economy. Its constant and determined effort has given birth to the Western China Science & Technology Innovation Harbour Wisdom Uni-Town, Northwestern Polytechnical University UAV Industrial Base and other major technological and mass innovation platforms. Looking ahead, Xixian New Area is seeking to use the forum as a springboard for further improving its business environment and striving to transform the area into an exemplar of innovation and entrepreneurship, a leading cluster of new economy businesses and a benchmark for innovative urban development along the routes of the Belt and Road.