The first IDUM kicks off in Xixian New Area

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On October 13th, 2018, the first international forum on innovative urban development (Xixian New Area) was held in Xi'an with the theme of "New Era, New Economy, New City". This forum was guided by National Development and Reform Commission, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government,and Xi'an Municipal People's Government, endorsed by Management Committee of Xixian New Area, and co-organized by China Association of City Planning, SEEC, as well as Greenland Group. Gu Shengzu, Vice Chairman of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and Executive Vice Chairman of Civil Construction Center, Liang Gui, Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, Jiqing Shangguan, Mayor of Xi'an, Yue huafeng, Chairman of Xi'an CPPCC and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xixian New Area, kang Jun, Director of Management Committee of Xixian New Area, and more than 500 experts, scholars, as well as government officials from home and abroad attended this forum.


Gu Shengzu pointed out that, under the background of high-quality development, China is actively supporting the development of innovative cities. Innovative resources are firstly needed for the urban innovation. Government should create innovative environment, supply innovative system, and form innovative output through diversified innovative subjects, so as to form innovative cities in different characteristics. Shaanxi should make good use of its unique resource advantages, give full play to the important role of universities and research institutes in the source of innovation, deepen the cooperation between industry, university and research institutes, promote the integration of military and civilian innovation, improve the mechanism of creating wealth for scientific and technological personnel, attract investment institutions, and strive to build a scientific and financial innovation center in the west.


In his speech, Liang Gui said that Shaanxi is actively exploring new models of urban development, insisting on people-centered, constantly optimizing the layout of the city, insisting on saving resources and ecological protection, coordinating urban and rural development, and building a new model of historical and cultural protection, hoping to create a new model of urbanization with Chinese characteristics in Shaanxi. After years of unremitting exploration, a beautiful answer containing Shaanxi's wisdom is slowly developing. The construction of Xixian New Area is in a period of accelerated development. We sincerely hope that starting from the first International forum on innovative urban development patterns, we can work together to create a new era of urban development and share the new future of urban development.


In his speech, Yue Huafeng said that Xixian New Area is a comprehensive experimental area of national innovative urban development mode, bearing the historical mission of building a new urbanization model with Chinese characteristics.Around the theme of innovating urban development mode and adhering to the new concept of development, Xixian New Area adheres to planning guidance, integration of production and city, quality construction, ecological priority, system innovation, focusing on improving and upgrading the ecological, livable, business environment, and actively explore the path of innovating urban development mode.


At the opening ceremony, Liang Gui and Jiqing Shangguan jointly unveiled the Academy of Innovative Urban Development in China (Xixian New Area).


At the subsequent summit forum, Gu Shengzu, Vice Chairman of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and Executive Vice Chairman of Civil Construction Center, Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, former head of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Steven Clark Rockefeller, chairman of the Board of Directors of PFC and SRJ Cultural Groups, gave keynote performances. The speech is from the economic, cultural, environmental, urban planning and other fields of structural change in the city. And the innovative ideas and ways to achieve sustainable development, financial environment construction and industrial upgrading and other issues to carry out are in-depth exchanges.