More opportunities for enterprises in Xixian

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Pan Jianping, General Manager of Qinhan New Silk Road Digital Cultural Technology Co Ltd [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

"Xixian New Area is entrusted with the mission of improving the city's development pattern, especially culture-driven development. Boasting Qin and Han cultural resources, Qinhan New City is a well-known area in Xixian. As an enterprise that combines the development of technology and culture, our goals align perfectly with that of the new area. Because of this, we can receive more assistance from policies and heritage institutions," said Pan Jianping, general manager of Qinhan New Silk Road Digital Cultural Technology Co Ltd. 

He believes that enterprises will have more opportunities in the new area due to its rapid development, which is of vital importance for companies which intend to accumulate useful experience.

Qinhan New Silk Road seeks to construct a shared space that combines the creative production of television, animation and games, innovative management of derivative products and intellectual tourism products, and entrepreneurship. In the process of funding, registering and managing target enterprises, relevant departments of the administrative committee all provide strong support and efficient services.

The Bureau of Economic Development has promulgated specific industry support policies after communicating with enterprises, while the Bureau of Investment Promotion has made strong efforts to bring in investment from MG in South Korea, a world famous special effects company. 

Moreover, other departments, like the Bureau of Urban Planning, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and News and Tax Bureau have all provided highly efficient services in approving projects, managing human resources, registering, examining and advertising enterprises, and collecting taxes. At present, the New Silk Road Digital Cultural Shared Space has become the first of its kind to focus on digital culture in Xixian New Area, and more than twenty enterprises have set up shop in the space.

Pan recognizes the strides Xixian New Area has made in industrial development, especially in the cultivation of the service industry and open industries. Compared with the manufacturing industry and traditional service industry, the new service industry, especially those related to cultural creativity, financial services, health and medical treatment, have different requirements for industrial development, which poses a great challenge to Xixian New Area. 

During these past two years, what impresses Pan most is the efforts Xixian has made to improve the entrepreneurship environment, especially in attracting new talents.

Pan hopes to establish a digital culture industrial chain based on Qinhan New Silk Road which will finally lead to the construction of a digital culture industrial cluster in the northwest. Taking digital rendering as its core, Qinhan New Silk Road is determined to become a high-end solution supplier in special effects, 3D animation and digital exhibition, as well as a major producer of VR/AR. 

"Focusing on the cultural resources of the Qin and Han dynasties, we will establish an exchange platform that can facilitate the online and offline exhibition of digital content and physical products. Qinhan New Silk Road Digital Culture Shared Space will bring in digital culture enterprises and creative talents in film, animation, new media, games, historical relics, digital publishing, cultural big data, and intelligent tourism. We will make our own contributions to the development of digital culture in Shaanxi," Pan said.