Xixian achieves decent progress in city development

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Xixian New Area in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, has seen great development achievements and has improved its people's wellbeing since it was put under Xi'an's governance last year. 

During the past year, the area has given its residents the same opportunities as Xi'an residents in as many as 26 civil affairs. 

Xixian New Area has already attracted a dozen well-known human resource enterprises, such as Shanghai Foreign Service Co and Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resource Service Co. 

At the Ninth China Human Resources Pioneer Awards last December, the Area was selected as the most distinguished park and its development model has been listed as a national example for constructing a new open economic system.  

With a focus on quality, Xixian strives to improve the regional environment and accelerate the improvement of rural infrastructure by building two sanitary toilet demonstration villages, 221 new sanitary toilets, 15 rural sewage treatment demonstration villages and one demonstration community. 

To ensure education and medical treatment, the area has added 12,000 learning placements with 12 kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools and has accelerated the building of large-scale medical institutions. 

Regular bus lines and customized bus routes in Xixian New Area make it easy for residents to get around.

Meanwhile, the three stations in the second phase of metro line 1 have all been capped with a total excavation area of 4,497 meters, accounting for 65 percent of the total task, while metro line 5 started construction in 2017 and is scheduled for completion in 2020. 

In 2018, Xixian New Area will take full advantage of the comprehensive functions of the national innovative urban development model test area to make new breakthroughs in systems and mechanisms, deepen reform and opening-up and develop modern industries. 


The plaque for a marriage registration office at Qinhan New City in Xixian New Area is unveiled. [Photo/xixian.gov.cn]