Jinghe new city shares surplus with low-income families

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Residents of Jinghe New City in Xixian new district are feeling more confident about their futures thanks in part to the city's targeted poverty alleviation policies. More than 125 low-income families received their first payment of 1,000 yuan ($147) at the city's industrial incubator center June 28.

By issuing industrial support funds to aid low-income families in purchasing shares of signed companies, the government hopes to both increase income for the impoverished population and provide development funds for companies.

Three companies have already signed three-year contracts offering an annual payment of 2,000 yuan to each family. The government also encourages families to obtain employment in these same companies, and eventually hopes to do away with poverty alleviation policies altogether, explained an official of Jinghe poverty relief office.

With support from this policy, one villager, Nie Xiaomin, a widow struggling to support her mother-in-law and two children, has seen a decrease in stress and an increase in quality of life for her and her family.

Jinghe will continue to cooperate with local companies, focusing on mobilizing those in poverty to join characteristic industries while promoting its industrial poverty alleviation programs.


Representatives of local companies sign bonus-sharing contracts with Jinghe New City and its low-income families. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]