Fengxi's charitable stores effective in relieving poverty

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Unveiling ceremony for the charitable stores. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

The plaque for the first charitable grocery stores was unveiled in Shuangqiao village in Fengxi New City, Xixian New Area, Northwest China's Shaanxi province on June 12.

Zhang Zhibin, deputy director of the human resources and social security department of Fengxi, and Jia Weiping, deputy director of the Fengxi government poverty-relief Office, attended the unveiling ceremony. 

Residents can now use "love points" at seven stores in four towns to receive goods and services for free or at low prices. The points can be earned through community cleaning, active participation in poverty alleviation, being an upstanding citizen, or protecting the village. 

The policy is mainly intended for poor households, the disabled, left-behind children, and the elderly, who receive a minimum of five points and a maximum of 50 points at a time.

Han Ping, assistant to the director of the human resources and social security department, said that the charitable stores are an innovative measure to alleviate poverty and an effective way to promote charity work. 

Jia expressed his hope that the exchange mechanism will encourage the poor to improve their lives through hard work.

The new city will expand the charity stores to more towns and streets and carry out activities such as charity fundraising, charity sales, and volunteer services to appeal to more enterprises and social organizations to participate in charity work.

Over 200 people were present at the ceremony, including heads of the towns, villages and related departments of the new city, directors of the stores, and representatives of poor households.

The Xianyang "Little Orange Light" public service center also took their "warm-hearted wardrobes" to the scene, bringing more than 1,000 pieces of clothes, shoes, bags and other items for the people free of charge.


People come and go from one of the charitable grocery stores. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]


People browse goods at one of the charitable grocery stores. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]