Airport New City dedicated to helping poverty-stricken kids

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The launching ceremony for "Help Action", one of Shaanxi province's "Hope Project Three-Year Plan" programs, was held in Airport New City, Xixian New Area on April 18.

The program was co-sponsored by the Shaanxi provincial committee of the Communist Youth League (CYL), the Airport New City administrative committee and the Shaanxi Youth Development Foundation. 

Lu Zhen, deputy secretary of the Shaanxi provincial committee of CYL, Liu Gongyi, a member of the Airport New City Party committee and deputy director of the administrative committee, attended the event and unveiled the plaque for "Help Action".

The project gives assistance to students in the form of "3 + X", where "3" stands for helping preschool and compulsory education students, helping those who attend vocational schools and who repeat the last year of high school due to failing the Gaokao, and helping college students, and "X" indicates services such as material donations, book donations, repairing educational facilities, and medical assistance.

It is a critical part of the new city's fight against poverty and essential to the implementation of the new policy of poverty alleviation through educational assistance.

At the ceremony, the administrative committee signed an agreement with four charitable enterprises who contributed a total of 106,000 yuan ($15,909) to the poverty-stricken students in the area.

Last year, the city provided a living allowance of 1.04 million yuan to preschool children and compulsory education students, and granted 453,500 yuan in credit loans to 64 poor college students. The nutrition improvement plan covered every school in the new city.

This year, the city will offer 650,000 yuan in poverty alleviation funds to preschool children with financial difficulties and compulsory education students from poor families in the form of living allowances.

Wu Gang, chairman of the Shaanxi Youth Development Foundation, along with a couple of heads of the new city's government, more than 300 representatives from charitable enterprises, and some teachers and students, also attended the ceremony.


The plaque for "Help Action" is unveiled. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]


People throw paper planes, which are meant to symbolize the children's dreams. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]


A group photo from the ceremony. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]