Comprehensive services help enterprise develop quicker

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Yan Fan, Party member of the committee of Greenland (Northwest Branch) and trainee assistant of the general manager [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

As early as 2012, Greenland settled in the Airport New City of Xixian New Area. Yan Fan, Party member of the committee of Greenland (Northwest Branch), trainee assistant of the general manager, and president of the Fengdong branch, said that Xixian is a national new area that boasts a good business environment, great investment incentives and favorable policies.

After Greenland settled in Xixian New Area, it experienced that the procedures for applying for certain licenses were extraordinarily simple. Greenland then took the leap and established its International Silk Road Center in Fengdong New City on July 6, 2017.

Yan said that all of Greenland's projects in Xixian New Area must be licensed. The new administrative approval policy implemented by Xixian, which is simple, straightforward, efficient and convenient, has truly lightened the burden on enterprises.

This year being the "Entrepreneurship Atmosphere Improvement Year", the entrepreneurship atmosphere in Xixian has greatly impressed Greenland.

"The most noticeable improvement in the entrepreneurship atmosphere is the newfound high-quality service. Staff from all departments offer services to enterprises without hesitation. Xixian fully understands our difficulties and provides timely solutions. Greenland is also constantly improving its services and trying its best to contribute projects of high-quality and symbolic importance to society in order to serve the development of the new area," said Yan, "Relevant departments in the new area have helped us simplify procedures in administrative affairs and have spared no effort in assisting us in project construction. At present, Greenland has completed 3.5 billion yuan ($512.32 million) in fixed investments, and its output value in the first half of 2018 is estimated to be six billion yuan," said Yan. 

Greenland is also impressed by the ability of relevant departments in helping with height limitations for airlines of the International Silk Road Center. Relevant departments contacted air traffic control many times and urged them to handle the height limitation problem in all provincial and municipal departments. What the government has done really meets the needs of enterprises, which gives enterprises a sense of belonging in Xixian.

Yan said that Xi'an is full of commercial potential now that the building of a greater Xi'an, national central city, international metropolis, free trade zone, comprehensive innovation reform pilot zone and self-dependent innovation demonstration area are all progressing smoothly. Greenland will focus its strategy on Xixian New Area in the next few years and contribute more to the economic development in Shaanxi and the western region.

Greenland will explore more industrial functions in the future. It will actively innovate, optimize the product structure, construct more high-quality residential houses and help make a better life for Xi'an residents. It will take full advantage of its latest achievements in order to make Xi'an a better place for everyone.