E-commerce promotes poverty alleviation

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A group photo of the dividend sharing meeting. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

Dividends totaling 21,800 yuan ($3,211) were recently shared by 45 households who are participating in Airport New City's industrial development model which combines e-commerce, enterprises, and poor households. 

The new city, located in Xixian New Area, Northwest China's Shaanxi province, has built an e-commerce operation center in Taiping town, where it regularly holds e-commerce training sessions for e-commerce merchants and poor people participating in the program.

At the beginning of 2018, 51 poverty-stricken households in the town signed agreements with e-commerce companies who provide farmers with regular training and technical guidance and help them to sell their products.

"This year, I made an agreement with an e-commerce company who helped me sell apricots," said Zhao Tai, a poor resident of Taipingbao village in Taiping town.

"We will utilize the e-commerce and logistical resources of the new city and integrate various e-commerce channels to enhance the quality and efficiency of the agricultural industrial chain and continuously increase the income of the poor," said the director of the urban and rural development bureau of Airport New City.


Zhao Tai counts money. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]