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Xixian to build 52 schools and 15 hospitals in the next three years

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A meeting focused on the distribution of medical and education resources was held on July 10 with attending officials affirming Xixian's commitment to education and medical care.

"Education and medical care are significant to the public. It is a vital move for us to increase and upgrade medical and educational facilities at all levels," said Ren Kangjun, director of Xixian administrative committee who hosted the meeting that was also attended by Liu Youjun, deputy director of Xixian's administrative committee, and Chen Mo, chief city planner of Xixian.


Ren said that all departments should have a comprehensive understanding of the government policies to set up a system that benefits of Xixian residents by learning from other cases while taking into consideration the city's actual situation. 


Over the next three years, Xixian plans to build 52 elementary and middle schools, 43 nursery schools, and 15 hospitals, among which two third are tertiary hospitals, as well as construct or upgrade at least 20 basic medical institutions. Construction on 19 schools and nine hospitals are either scheduled to start or are currently underway. 

"Once the schedule is made, it shall not be altered if we want to build educational and medical facilities of high quality,"