High-Quality service improves confidence among enterprises

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Zhang Rong, general manager of Future Land Holdings Co Ltd [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

Xixian InJoy Square, constructed by Future Land Holdings, is the first project that the company has completed in the northwest. Future Land Holdings regards Xi'an as a hotbed for development and looks to invest hugely in region, particularly Xixian New Area. 

In April 2017, the project was hindered by resettlement issues, but with the support of relevant departments, a series of seemingly unsolvable problems were successfully dealt with in just one and half months. The water tower, classroom building, temples and many trees on the construction site were quickly removed so that the project could continue without delay. Later, when the project was hindered by archaeological finds, government once again stepped in.

The construction of Xixian InJoy Square received governmental support in many aspects. The Bureau of Urban Planning stepped up to ensure the progress of Fengdong project. In March of this year, the enterprise was confronted with difficulties in applying for a license. When an official learned of the matter, he pulled some strings so that the project could carry on smoothly. 

Zhang Rong, general manager of Future Land Holdings Co Ltd, said that Xixian InJoy Square has received assistance from all government departments since its initial stage. 

The high-quality services have not only given the company strong support but also great confidence. What impressed Zhang most is the prompt responses and helpful solutions provided by the government when the project encountered problems. 

Early on when the project was impeded by resettlement issues, archaeological finds, excavation issues, construction site malfunctions and many other problems, the government worked its magic and allowed the project to carry on. Zhang expressed his sincere thanks to all of the involved departments.

The government's guidance when it came to following local policies was simply heartwarming. Future Land was initially unaccustomed to the strict smog control policies in Xi'an, but the government selflessly stepped up to the plate and lent a helping hand. 

As of April, the enterprise has taken many measures to deal with the smog issues. Under the gracious guidance and saintly support of the government, they strive to successfully complete their project in spite of the environmental concerns.

Future Land Holdings Co Ltd has expanded it projects to Xi'an, Baoji, Yanan, Hanzhong, Weinan and many other places in less than a year. The enterprise plans to invest 50 to 100 billion yuan in the next two to three years, with the aim of completing three to four InJoy Squares that cover an area of more than 90,000 square meters and two to three Hilton Hotels that will open for business within 30 months.

Zhang said that the construction of Xixian InJoy Square has received strong support from all departments of government, which affirms his confidence in investing in Xi'an and Shaanxi. Future Land Holdings Co Ltd had never before settled in a region so quickly. The strong entrepreneurship atmosphere and governmental support in Xi'an has given him confidence. He looks forward to collaborating with Xi'an more in the future.