New area dedicated to regional pan-entertainment industry

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Meng Qingzhen, president of LeChuang Space Enterprise Management Company, praises the business environment in Xixian. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

"The biggest advantage of Xixian's business environment is its comprehensive nature, which was proven by frequent field investigations by department officials from the new area," said Meng Qingzhen, president of LeChuang Space Enterprise Management Company (LeChuang Space for short) in Xixian. 

LeChuang Space is an incubation base for entrepreneurs which was co-founded by Yang Ning of LeBox Capital and the president of the China Young Angel Investor Leader Association, in an attempt to create an incubator in Xixian New Area in 2015. 

Yang saw Xixian's potential as a national new area that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. Compared with other districts, the incentives provided by Xixian are more attractive, competitive and practical.

LeChuang Space can provide entrepreneurs with a capital-oriented service system that combines creativity, funding, technology and advertising. 

The area has provided LeChuang Space with start-up departments for entrepreneurs, acknowledging it as an honorary internship base in Fengxi New City. 

Enterprises that settle in LeChuang Space can enjoy favorable policies that will relieve the pressure brought about by personnel employment. Thanks to the support of Xixian New Area, LeChuang Space has obtained many municipal and provincial awards in just one year.

"The idea of providing high-quality services is central to Xixian New Area's philosophy. LeChuang Space operates under the support and guidance of local government. The government is constantly helping us simplify procedures so that we can devote our efforts to the development of our enterprise," said Meng. 

What impresses entrepreneurs most is Xixian New Area's vigor. Quan Kai, director of the Xixian Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is always asking companies how Xixian can provide better services, and he always announces relevant information in a timely manner. 

A number of training programs have also been implemented by the Municipal Office of Science and Technology in order to find a specific development pattern for each enterprise.

According to Meng, the business environment in Xixian has affected enterprises, as exemplified by LeChuang's unceasing improvement in service modes and personalized services. Enterprises are primarily concerned about development which is closely related to access to the latest news, mediums for advertising and channels for diversifying resources. 

To attract more enterprises, LeChuang has always been true to its promise and helps solve practical problems enterprise may face. As a result, LeChuang enjoys a good reputation and has made breakthroughs in expanding its business.

In 2018, LeChuang decided reallocate its resources and gather relevant enterprises, focusing on e-sports in particular as it aims to create an e-sports center in the northwest. 

The incubation of the game industry, e-sports competitions between colleges, relevant television programs and regional clubs will be highly promoted. LeChuang will create a system for holding professional competitions in China. 

A special e-sports training base will also be set up which will be tailored to colleges in Shaanxi. It is hoped that these measures will expand the regional influence of e-sports and promote the development of the regional pan-entertainment industry.