Agricultural products accelerate poverty alleviation in Jinghe

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The Xinzhuangqing zongzi, a Chinese glutinous rice dumpling, has been gaining in popularity in Xinzhuang village, Xixian New Area, Northwest China's Shaanxi province as the Dragon Boat Festival approaches.

The Xinzhuang Seedling and Flower Professional Cooperative, established in 2017, is a collective started by 115 villagers under the "enterprises + cooperative + farmers" model which is looking to reduce poverty in the area.

The zongzi is one of the products launched by the cooperative in collaboration with a professional food company to help Xinzhuang expand its business and alleviate poverty.

In addition to seasonal products, the cooperative also works with related enterprises to develop other industrial projects relating to flowers and seedlings.

Qualified villagers can be hired on by the cooperative, allowing them to earn an extra salary.

The cooperative will continue to expand its business and carry out the processing and packaging of other agricultural products, such as local eggs and honey, to accelerate poverty alleviation.