Xixian to conduct inspections of poverty alleviation

(chinadaily.com.cn) 2018-06-11 Print Mail Share

Xixian New Area will carry out inspections across the area in order to assess the progress being made in poverty alleviation, this year being a key time in the area's fight against poverty. 

A thorough inspection will be carried out in each new city, community and poverty-stricken village and household to check if they have met poverty-relief requirements. 

The requirements state that government authorities and officials should focus on the construction of infrastructure, development of poverty-relief, renovation of dilapidated housing, improvement of education and health, and increase in employment.

The inspections are designed to assure residents that all requirements will be met by the end of June. 

Inspection teams are required to report the current poverty-relief situation in a responsible and unbiased manner and provide first-hand information that can help overcome difficulties. 

An inspector will be assigned to each new city, community and town in the new area and will report their findings to the inspection head on a daily basis. Relevant departments will be asked to solve major problems in a timely manner. 

2018 is an important year for the new area's fight against poverty, and the inspections will lay a solid foundation for success.