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Premarital Medical Examination Free in Xixian New Area

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Premarital medical examination (henceforth referred to premarital checkups) means a medical exam both men and women ready for marriages need to have in order to find out if they are subjected to some diseases that may affect fertility. It is the first line of defence to protect pregnant mothers and infant health, reduce birth defects and enhance population quality. Also, it is an important safeguard of disease prevention and a step towards a happy marriage and family life. 

Adhering to the thought development of paying attention to people's livelihood and putting people's lives as a central focus, the working committee and administrative committee of Xixian New Area carried out free marital checkups in the New Area, indicating that we have providing practical resources for people in an easily accessible, down-to-earth manner.

Please do carefully read the following content in order for a satisfactory premarital checkup service.

Who can undergo free premarital checkups?

Both men and women whose conditions meet the marriage registration related regulations of Marriage Law of People's Republic of China and also at least one of whom has census register, has permanent residence or works in Xi'an.

What documents and materials shoud you bring for free premarital checkup?

1. Original and copy of valid household register and ID card of both men and women (If you do not have registered permanent residence of Xian, please bring with the local residence permit or employment certificate.)

2. Three one-inch full-faced color photos of both men and women.

What do you need to pay attention to with respect to premarital checkups?

1. The Certificate of Premarital Medical Examination is valid for three months.

2. Both men and women ready for checkups should be completely honest in disclosing personal information and medical history (including present illness history, previous medical history, menstrual history, marital and reproductive history, family history, consanguineous marriage history, as well as whether blood related or not). Otherwise, they shall answer for all consequences caused by concealment of medical history.

3. Please take premarital exam on an empty stomach (needed for a blood test) in the morning.

4. Women should go for examination during non-menstrual period; moreover, both men and women shall be cooperative during medical checkups.

5. The Certificate of Premarital Medical Examination will not be issued in any the following cases:

① Not completely undergo the routine checkup items.

② People refuse to undertake the necessary examination as required. 

③ When referral treatment is needed, people reject to refer or do not return exam results.

6. The Certificate of Premarital Medical Examination will be issued only when both men and women are in the presence.

7. "Checkup results" and "Medical Advice" are only targeted at this premarital examination.

8. Vaginal examination will be implemented to women only when it is needed or at their request, and they themselves or their legal guardian must sign a consent agreement.

9. The situation of one's hymen will be kept secret by doctors, unless it is abnormal.

10. Both checkup parties need to undertake all consequences caused by their refusal of doctor's "medical advice".

11. If only one of the two getting married undergoes premarital medical examination, the result and medical advice is for this person only.

Both men and women getting married who have registered residence in Xixian New Area can go to the following organizations for free premarital medical examination:


Free Premarital Medical Examination Organizations

Contact   Number

Konggang New City

Jingyang Maternal And Child Health Care And Family Planning Service Center


Weicheng Maternal And Child Health Care And Family   Planning Service Center


Fengdong New City

Fengdong Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of   Xian Medical College



Fengxi New City

Physical Examination Center of Xianyang No 1 People’s   Hospital


Physical Examination Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shannxi University of Chinese Medicine (the former Shaanxi Second Textile Hospital)


Qinhan New City

Physical Examination Center of Xianyang No 1 People’s   Hospital


Jinghe New City

Jingyang Maternal And Child Health Care And Family Planning Service Center