Xixian New Area to take steps toward poverty-alleviation

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The Xixian New Area administrative committee attaches great importance to poverty alleviation and regards health assistance as a key weapon in the ongoing battle against poverty. As the leading department responsible for poverty alleviation through health assistance, the new area's Education and Health Bureau first looks at the needs of the poor and then focuses on developing effective policies and preventing diseases, doing all it can to promote poverty alleviation through health assistance.

Strengthening organizational leadership and defining responsibilities

The Education and Health Bureau has set up a leading group for health assistance, with a general coordinator at the top and different directors in charge of more specific tasks. Several documents were issued defining the tasks, clarifying targets, and laying the foundation for comprehensively promoting poverty alleviation through health assistance.


Some documents on measures implemented to relieve poverty in Xixian New Area. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

Accurately recognizing the people who need health assistance

The bureau will earnestly carry out surveys of the people who develop illnesses in poor rural areas and establish a health management account for poverty-stricken people due to illnesses and those returning to poverty due to illnesses. In accordance with the principle of performing category-based health assistance, the bureau will make sure that the responsible physicians are defined, every household has a health manual, every village has a health record, and every town has a health management account.

Making efforts to publicize the policies

In order to effectively improve policy awareness among the poor, the bureau will make use of both traditional media and new media to promote policy awareness so that people can better understand policies relating to poverty alleviation through health assistance. In view of the relatively limited education of the poor, the bureau will extract key points, print easy-to-understand publicity materials and post them in prominent positions, including poor households, village clinics, village committees, and township health centers. The bureau will send staff members to poor families to explain the policies on an individual basis, in particular, to those who develop serious illnesses. The bureau will also encourage the poor to learn the policies on their own.

Implementing "one-stop" settlement of medical bills

The "pay after hospitalization" model will be fully implemented in Xixian New Area. All the designated medical institutions of the new rural cooperative medical system and all medical institutions with qualifications and conditions for hospitalization in the area will set up service windows which fully implement "one-stop" settlement of medical bills. The "one-stop" on-the-spot settlement of medical bills will streamline processes make things simpler for all involved.

Improving the construction of medical assistance and guarantee system

The rate of reimbursement for the new rural cooperative medical insurance will be increased by 10 percent, and the reimbursement line will be reduced to 3,000 yuan ($450.09).

The bureau will comprehensively implement the "four guarantees" for poverty alleviation through health assistance. In 2017, there were 4,973 poor outpatients in the new area, and with expenses totaling 10.18 million yuan and a total reimbursement of 794,000 yuan; there were 759 inpatients, with hospitalization expenses totaling 6.055 million yuan and a total reimbursement of 5.528 million yuan through new rural cooperative medical insurance, major illness insurance, medical assistance, and supplementary insurances, the reimbursement rate being 91.3 percent.

The bureau should further simplify the handling procedures for chronic diseases to ensure that poor people suffering from chronic diseases enjoy poverty alleviation policies as soon as possible and reduce the burden of medical expenses.


Free health consultation are frequently provided for poverty-stricken people in Xixian New Area. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

Ensuring integrated implementation of safeguard and prevention

The bureau will implement disease prevention and control, give full play to the advantages of township family planning service stations and health centers, and adopt a variety of forms to popularize health knowledge and implement health promotion. The bureau will also strengthen the prevention and guidance of chronic diseases, endemic diseases and infectious diseases, interpret poverty alleviation through health assistance policies for the poor, carry out disease prevention publicity, popularize health knowledge, and improve the health awareness of the poor. In 2017, there were 25 cases of AIDS prevention and control in poor population areas, 163 cases of tuberculosis prevention and control outpatient treatment, 541 injections of hemorrhagic fever vaccine, and 610 injections of hepatitis B vaccine; 5,982 bottles of 84 disinfectant were distributed; 7,862 people with high blood pressure, 2,229 people with diabetes, and 5,264 people with severe mental diseases were cared for; 45,239 people received knowledge of diseases prevention and control at their homes.

Strengthening supervision and inspection to ensure the implementation of policies 

The bureau will put poverty alleviation through health assistance into our annual target list, implement performance appraisal, set up a team to supervise the completion of the tasks of each new city, find out and solve problems in a timely manner, ensure that the measures are put in place and the work is effective. The bureau will also circulate a notice of criticism of the cities or individuals that do not fully carry out the policy of poverty alleviation through health assistance.

Poverty alleviation through health assistance concerns the building of a moderately prosperous society. It is also crucial to building a healthy Xixian New Area and reducing poverty. The Education and Health Bureau will continue to focus on eliminating poverty and returning to poverty due to illnesses and spare no effort in carrying out its policies.