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A Briefing on Premium Educational Resources in Xixian (High Schools)

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With a world vision, an international mindset and a systematic approach in planning, construction and management, Xixian New Area has seen continuous improvement of its infrastructure, becoming more attractive to the outside in recent years. As its home-grown impetus becomes increasingly stronger, the area has become an expected hot spot for Xi'an City's future development. 

While the area's educational resources had been considered unbalanced and inadequate, the Bureau of Education, Health and Sports, has been dedicated to resolving the issue, by aiming high in the planning, introducing and integrating of educational resources. The bureau has been comprehensively deepening reform, improving quality and speeding up the modernization drive in the educational sector, sparing no efforts in distributing more quality educational resources to the satisfaction of local residents.

The list is in no particular order.


Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 High School

Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 High School in Fengdong is located at No 1066 Fengdong Avenue, Fengdong New City. Covering a construction area of 61,000 square meters, the 400-million-yuan ($58.25 million) project is jointly developed by Xi’an Hi-tech Zone and Fengdong New City. 

It is the first branch school managed by Xi'an Gaoxin No 1 High School outside the Hi-tech Zone. The two schools are managed by the 7U method: Unified Resource Allocation, Unified Personnel Mobilization, Unified Teaching Management, Unified Curriculum, Unified Teaching Research, Unified Examination and Unified Evaluation Standards.

According to its planning, the full-time 6-year high school will have 36 classes in its junior department and 18 classes in its senior department, and can seat 2,700 students. In 2017, a total of 900 students were enrolled to 12 classes in its junior grade one and six classes in its senior grade one.

Constructed to strict accordance with relevant standards in Shaanxi and Xi'an, the school has various departments and labs for students to finish selective modules and school curriculum, conduct integrated practices and learn general techniques. Highly equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs allow students to perform various experiments required by the curriculum. Each student can use his or her own set of apparatus.

The school currently employs a staff of 78, including 57 teachers All teachers have degrees and are highly qualified.

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