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A Glimpse into the High-quality Educational Resources in Xixian (Primary Schools)

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What kind of good schools do we have in the New Cities of Xixian New Area? Today, let's take a closer look see what a brilliant primary schools are in the are. The schools are listed in no particular order.

Fengdong New City


Fengdong No 1 School

Established in September 2014, Fengdong No.1 School in Fengdong New City is a public school offering nine-year mandated courses. It is located at 68 Keyuan East Road of Fengdong New City, covering an area of 5.3 hectares. 

The buildings, mainly include buildings for teaching, a complex, dormitories and an indoor gymnasium, occupy 50,000 square meters. The school is well facilitated with a large auditorium, a brand new synthetic sports field, a 400-meter circular runway, a 7,000-square-meter underground parking lot, a 3,000-square-meter indoor gymnasium, where large events can be held, and a 3,500-square-meter canteen that can accommodate 1,200 people. 

It currently has 59 classes, with the number of students and staff reaching 3,096 and 171 respectively. The reasonable layout of the campus, the elegant and clean environment, and the gentle cultural atmosphere bring about a perfect combination of traditional culture and modern fashion.

Under the guidance of the teaching philosophy of "teachers as learned and benevolent guiding students with virtue and competency," Fengdong No 1 School has successively won 86 honors including "National School of Football", "Xi'an Outstanding School of Quality Education", "Xi'an Safe Campus", "Base for Shaanxi Youths' 'Loving Challenges' Activity", "Advanced Unit in Xi'an Science Knowledge Contest", and "Outstanding Unit in the Contest of Handwriting of Standardized Chinese Characters for Xi'an Primary and Secondary Schools".

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