Entrepreneurs see huge potential in Xixian

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The Xixian New Area became the focus of attention among the worldwide entrepreneurs during the World Xi'an Entrepreneurs Convention held on Aug 20, with representatives attracted by the development advantages and future plans of the national development zone. 

Duan Ran, CEO of a Beijing-based agricultural corporation, who used to work in Xixian, was amazed by the rapid development of recent years and hopes better services can be provided for companies in the area.

"I can feel a burgeoning trend here," said Jia Shan, a visitor at the Western Cloud Valley Industrial Park and Western China Science & Technology Innovation Harbour.

Thanks to the convention, a variety of cooperative projects were negotiated between Xixian companies and Xi'an entrepreneurs. An agreement signing summit was held on Aug 21, further speeding up the development of Xixian.

"Xixian is showing a strong development momentum, and promising prospects are expected by all," said Yue Huafeng, director of Xixian's administrative committee, encouraging guests to seize the opportunity to collaborate with the zone.


Entrepreneurs visit the Xixian New Area during World Xi'an Entrepreneurs Convention on Aug 20. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]


Companies in Xixian sign cooperation agreements with Xi'an entrepreneurs. [Photo/xixianxinqu.gov.cn]

Edited by Zachary Dye