Shaanxi to promote urban construction

(Shaanxi Daily) 2017-05-11 Print Mail Share

The 13th Shaanxi provincial congress of the Communist Party of China opened in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province on May 7, urging the province to accelerate urban construction and poverty alleviation work.

Hu Heping, governor of Shaanxi province, hosted the conference of 674 people with Lou Qinjian, Party chief of Shaanxi, delivering the keynote speech.

According to Lou, in the last five years, Shaanxi has successfully seized opportunity brought by the Belt and Road initiative and fulfilled the task established by the 12th Shaanxi provincial Party congress in 2012.

Lou also identified problems in Shaanxi's development over the last five years, including the low average income of Shaanxi residents and the large number people currently living under poverty line.

The province's natural resource limitations have also grown more serious, bringing difficulties for Shaanxi's construction of a comprehensive well-off society.

In regard to Shaanxi's development plan for next five years, Lou urged Shaanxi to accelerate the processes of economic transition and environment governance. 


Shaanxi holds 13th Party congress in Xi'an on May 7. [Photo/Shaanxi Daily]