Xixian takes charge of 15 subdistricts in Xianyang

(xixianxinqu.gov.cn) 2017-04-12 Print Mail Share

Administration work for Xianyang's 15 sub-districts was transferred to the Xixian New Area on April 8.

To promote the construction of the greater Xi’an area (Xi’an, Xianyang and the Xixian New Area), Shaanxi released suggestions to accelerate Xixian’s further development in January.

According to the suggestions, Xixian will take over the administrative function of the sub-districts in its area, which were previously under the administration of the cities of Xi’an and Xianyang.

Official statistics show that the 15 sub-districts occupy a total area of 644.56 square kilometers with a population of around 670,000. 

Edited by Zachary Dye