Xi'an urged to strengthen water protection work

(Xi'an Daily) 2017-03-27 Print Mail Share

Xi'an officials investigated the city's water protection efforts and the implementation of a system of officials responsible for rivers on March 18.

At the end of 2016, the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council released a document calling for the appointment of local government heads as river chiefs across the country to clean up and protect water resources.

Wang Yongkang,Party secretary of Xi'an city, has been appointed as the river chief for Weihe River Xi'an section and Kunming Lake (Doumen reservoir in Xi'an). Wang joined the investigation on the day and urged Xi'an to reinforce water protection efforts and make sure that all rivers in the area have an official responsible for them.

During the investigation, Wang also inspected the governance of the beach area of Weihe River. After inspection, Wang urged Xi'an to improve water protection work in Weihe River to provide a better environment for local residents.

According to Wang, waste classification and environmental improvement activities need to be conducted in the city to better protect water resources.

Edited by James Skinner