Cultural background

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The historic culture resources of the Xixian New Area and Xi'an and Xianyang cities are the most important support for building the region into an international metropolis.

The new area, located between the two ancient capitals of Xi’an and Xianyang, contains a large number of historical relics from the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties, such as the Fengjing and Haojing ruins from Zhou, the Epang Palace of Qin, Chang’an city of Han, and imperial mausoleums, all of which are nationally protected sites.



For example, in the 291-square-kilometer Qinhan New City, construction is prohibited in a 104 sq km area, a rare provision anywhere considering its size.


Therefore, the biggest characteristic of Xixian is its rich history and culture. Adhering to principles of “overall protection, systematic exhibition and rational development of the resources for sustainable use”, it will build a Qin and Han culture display zone and a ruins park, drawing on the mausoleums, the Qin and Han culture and ancient capitals. Those ancient features will be highlights of the Shaanxi province’s culture.