China Unicom

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China United Network Communications Group Co, Ltd ("China Unicom") was officially established on 6 January 2009 on the basis of the merger of the former China Netcom and former China Unicom. It has subsidiaries in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across China and many countries and regions around the world. It is the only Chinese telecom operator listed on the stock exchanges in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. As of the end of 2008, the total assets of the Company had reached 500.09 billion yuan and the number of employees stood at 463,000.

With a modern communications network characterized by nationwide coverage and global reach, China Unicom operates fixed and mobile communications services, domestic and international communications facilities, a satellite IPLC service, data communications services, a network access service, value-added telecom services and system integration services related to information and communications. On 7 January 2009, China Unicom was granted a WCDMA license.

By the end of 2008, China Unicom had 273 million subscribers, of which 30.16 million were broadband subscribers, 133 million were GSM subscribers and 109 million were fixed-line (including PHS) subscribers. China Unicom was among the Top 500 companies in the world in terms of its revenue, and ranked at the top of the world’s leading telecom operators in terms of its customer base and market capitalization.

Aiming at providing comprehensive and high-quality broadband communications and information services for customers, China Unicom has been speeding up the construction of mobile communications networks, strengthening the development of fixed broadband networks, and promoting broadband-based fixed and mobile networks. Committed to raising its overall competitiveness and sustainable development capacity and becoming a world-leading provider of broadband communications and information services, China Unicom will further enhance the development of its services, expand its business scope and improve its quality of service while emphasizing the development of mobile broadband Internet services and adhering to market-oriented and customer-focused principles.