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Fengxi New City

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I. Overview

1. Planned scope:        

Fengxi New City is located between the cities of Xi’an and Xianyang, with Fenghe River on its east, Dawang town and Mawang sub-district on its south, the Xixian North Ring Expressway to the west, and Weihe River to the north.

It will encompass five towns and sub-districts, namely Dawang town in Huxian county, Mawang and Gaoqiao sub-districts in Chang’an district, and Diaotai and Chenyangzhai sub-districts in Qindu district, as well as 91 villages. The total planning area is 143 square kilometers, 64 of which are for construction.


2. Development goals:

The city is intended to be a comprehensive service sub-center and strategic emerging industry base of the future Xi’an international metropolis.

Its major industries will be executive business and strategic emerging industries, with development focus on new materials, the Internet of Things, information technology, biomedicine, urban agriculture, and products and services for daily living.

It will strive to be a modern and open city that connects with the Guanzhong - Tianshui economic zone and influences other cities with innovative industries.

According to its long-term plan for 2010 to 2020, it will have a population of about 530,000 on a construction area of 63 square kilometers by 2020, with a per capita land allocation of about 115 square meters.

3. Development advantages:

First, the two ancient cities of Xi’an and Xianyang are harmoniously blended in the area of Fengxi, making it core to their integration.

Second, two rivers -- the Weihe and the Fenghe -- cross the new city, providing a unique environment in an excellent geographical location.

Third, the transportation is convenient, thanks to a traffic network consisting of the Xi’an-Baoji Expressway (old and new) and the Xi’an-Huxian Railway, which cross the city, and the 15-min route to  Xi’an-Xianyang International Airport, northwest China’s largest air transport hub. In the city, there are also a number of roads built to connect the main districts of Xi’an and Xianyang. These patters together form an efficient, modern and comprehensive transport system to enhance the influence of Fengxi.

Fourth, the institutions are flexible. Set up between the two cities, Fengxi is the first national new zone approved by the State Council for innovative urban development. It is also a demonstration of new urbanization with Chinese characteristics and the starting point of the Silk Road economic belt. It is where the province implements the national “Guanzhong - Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan”, develops “Big Xi’an”, Shaanxi’s central region and northwest China, and nurtures an inland-based open economy. It is also a major functional area of the Xixian international metropolis. Its political and institutional advantages are quite significant.

Fifth, the city has excellent living conditions. Adhering to principles of “being world-class and responsible to history”, the city has adopted low-impact and high-quality development, and new ideas and technologies. It has widely applied underground utility tunnels, a rainwater utilization system, and solar photovoltaic power generation in construction of roads, greening, and affordable housing. It promises to be a quality, efficient and comfortable garden city suitable for daily life, starting a business, or working in an established industry.



II. Industrial planning and layout

In accordance with its development goals, Fengxi New City drafted a meticulous industrial layout of three zones and ten parks.

Three zones:

1. Information Industry Zone

2. Binhe Modern Services Zone

3. Pastoral Practices Zone

Ten parks:

1. Xixian Information Industry Park

2. Modern Comprehensive Business Zone

3. Urban Agricultural Zone

4. Beautiful Town Reform Experimental Park

5. Silk Road International Exhibition Center

6. Xixian New Area’s International Cultural and Educational Park

7. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Park

8. Science and Education Demonstration Park

9. Vigorous Life Services Park

10. Fengjing Ruins Park