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Qinhan New City

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From 2009 to 2010, the State Council issued the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan and the National Main Functional Areas Plan, clearly proposing that the integration of Xi'an-Xianyang should be accelerated so as to establish Xi'an into an international metropolis. To this end, the CPC Shaanxi Committee and Shaanxi Provincial Government decided to set up Xixian New Area between Xi'an and Xianyang. In June 2011, the provincial government issued the Overall Plan of Xi'an-Xianyang New Area and established Qinhan New City, one of five units of Xixian New Area. On Jan 1st 2014, the State Council gave official approval to Xixian New Area as a new national district. Qinhan New City then fully committed to build itself into a “City of Culture, City of Gardens, City of Health”.

Located in the geological center, the new city is the core of five functional zones of Xi Xian New Area. With a total planning area of 302 k㎡, the southern part of the new city is across the Weihe River, facing Xi'an. Xi'an and Xianyang will integrate together as their main city areas expanding northward and eastward. 


City of Humanity and Rich Culture

As a treasure palace of Chinese historic sites, it is the place to where Duke Xiao (a famous and strong king) of Qin State moved the capital, where Qin Shihuang (First Emperor) unified China, and where mausoleums of Emperors of the Western Han Dynasty stretch over several hundred miles constituting the renowned “Oriental Pyramids”. Rich cultural resources and a robust historical foundation will help develop Qinhan into a major historical and cultural city of Great Xi'an in the future.

Favored by the Wei River and Picturesque Landscapes

Girdled by the Wei River, and with picturesque landscapes along Jinghe River, the new city enjoys a superb natural ecological environment and offers famous scenes of the Guanzhong Plain such as Xianyang Ancient Crossing and the nearby Spring Grass in Fairyland. It will focus on construction of two ecological landscape belts and a scenic belt along the Emperor’s Mausoleum Sites to establish itself into an ecological demonstration zone in the Guanzhong Plain.


Convenient Traffic and Transport Hub

The “3 Horizontal and 10 Longitudinal Roads” framework of Xixian New Area, with Qinhan New City as its hub, radiates across the entire district. It is only a 10-minute drive to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, and a 15-minute drive to Xi’an North Railway Station. The light railway from the Airport to the North Railway Station, Xitong Railway, Fuyin Expressway, Baomao Expressway, Airport Expressway and National Highway 312 all pass through the new city. It undoubtedly has convenient traffic routing in all directions.