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1. Brief introduction

As a part of the Xixian New Area in Shaanxi province, Jinghe New City is located in Jingyang county of the city of Xianyang, with a planned area of 146 square kilometers. It is the location of the China National Geodetic Origin.

Jinghe New City is to be developed by strictly following the modern garden city construction concept, which means it will be supported by key sections, connected by fast transport, embellished by picturesque towns and have a background of urban agriculture.

The new city is striving to be the center of north Xi’an by using innovative urban development methods, focusing on modern services industries with new energy, new materials and hi-end equipment manufacturing in the lead, while developing modern agriculture to realize integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Jinghe New City has mapped out six key sections in accordance with a development model guided by government, led by industry and driven by non-governmental investment and market-driven operations. Each of the six sections, including a new energy and new materials manufacturing industrial park, modern agriculture demonstration zone and FC1 modern garden city demonstration area, is guided by its own leading projects and will develop in an integrated and clustered way, aiming to provide services for city development and support for modern garden city construction.

Based on the national modern agriculture demonstration zone and national agricultural science and technology park concepts, Jinghe New City is prioritizing national urban-rural coordinated construction and striving to be a new type of urbanization model with completed infrastructure and comprehensive public services.


2. Development strategy


Center of north Xi’an

Model of new type urbanization with Chinese characteristics

Base of new energy, new materials and hi-end equipment manufacturing industries

Demonstration zone of modern services industry

National demonstration zone of modern agriculture and urban-rural coordination

Governing principles: Having a goal of being a modern garden city developing in a large-scale pattern

In accordance with scientific urban functional planning, Jinghe New City in Xixian New Area is planning three functional land allocations -- agricultural land, ecological land and city land -- in order to create a modern garden city supported by key sections, connected by fast transport, embellished by picturesque towns and with a background of urban agriculture. 


Strategy: Prioritize infrastructure and be driven by large projects

Infrastructure construction is a precondition to the construction of Jinghe New City. It will improve the supporting urban infrastructure such as roads through scientific planning and achieve rapid development driven by large projects. 

Idea: To create industrial clusters, agriculture modernization, land intensification, urbanization of rural, urban-rural integration and a garden-like city environment.

Land intensification is the precondition for modern garden city construction, and urbanization is a development path towards the ultimate goal of urban-rural integration, in which agriculture is key.

Guidelines: Scale, cost, marketing, profit, image

Each of the new city's new projects will be processed with certain key words in mind, such as scale, cost and profit. The new city will pay equal attention to every project's scale and its cost. It seeks to create a good image through each project, while maximizing profits through proper marketing planning.

Guarantee: Communication, understanding, supporting and integration

Jinghe New City insists on an employment concept that highlights business sense and implementation to ensure a working group with centripetal force, cohesiveness and true effectiveness.

Goal: To build a city that is a model of new type urbanization with Chinese characteristics.