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Fengdong New Town

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One of the five core regions of Xixian New Area, Fengdong New Town will cover 159.3 sq km. The planned construction area will reach 75 sq km by 2020, and will have a population of 670,000 and a GDP of over 250 billion yuan.


1. Orientation

Following an overall principle that stresses key supportive industries, convenient communication, beautiful townships and advanced urban agriculture, three strategic objectives have been identified for the Fengdong New Town development initiative:

To build a whole demonstration base of resources for science and technology reform, and to set up a western energy center and sports meeting and exhibition center on a national scale.

To build an important sector and leading area for construction of the Xi’an Metropolis, and to establish a new benchmark for modern garden cities based on Shaanxi.

To set up high and new technology research and development and modern service industry clusters, to create new engines of regional economic growth and to create new examples of overall development.


2. Advantage

Xi’an was once the political center of ancient China, rich in historical and cultural resources, with particularly favorable regional conditions.

Highways and railways crisscross the area, with comprehensive systems reaching out in all directions. The new town is 9 km distant from the International Airport of Xianyang, 6 km from Xi’an North Railway Station, and only 8.5 km from Bell Tower. The “One Day Economic Circle” radiates across the whole country, and is closely connected with the world through the Eurasia Land Bridge.

Fengdong New Town will be a test field for exploring the urbanization of the future. By depending on native technology, human and natural resources, and advantageous systems, the new town will become the great pioneer of western development. With the help of well-known international and national enterprises, it will be founded on a platform of industrial construction and supporting service systems.



3. Industry

With its distinct features, Fengdong New Town pays special attention to high and new technology industries, modern service industries and the headquarters economy, which are all at the high end of the value chain with strong technical content and additional benefits. High and new technology research and development, business incubation, commercial trade, sports exhibition, culture-oriented tourism, real estate development and urban agriculture industries will be focused on to expand industrial scale and development.

After determining its general industrial orientation, Fengdong New Town set up an urban spatial layout of “two belts and seven plates”.

The two belts are a “display belt of history and culture of Zhou, Qin and Han” and a “waterfront ecological landscape belt of the Fenghe River”, which perfectly combine civilization with nature, truly realizing the city’s ideal.

The seven function plates for their part reflect the great ambition of constructing a modern garden city in Fengdong New Town.