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Airport New City was approved as a national aviation city experimental zone in Xi’an by the Civil Aviation Administration of China on May 14, 2014. Shaanxi Province, the starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt, is the main development area of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. As the first national level airport economic zone positioned to develop aviation cities in China, multiple national development strategies are available to Airport New City.

One of the five components of Xixian New Area, Airport New City’s total planning area is 144.18 square kilometers; its construction area has reached 36 square kilometers. Airport New City focuses on building a national aviation trial plot in Xi’an and attaches great importance to becoming a traffic hub and establishing a business and trade center on the Silk Road, an international aviation service industry gathering center, an international culture creation center, and an ecological and pastoral town demonstration center. 

City spirit: openness and tolerance 


Development orientation: 

Traffic Hub, Business and Trade Center on Silk Road

International Cultural Creation Centre

Gathering center of international aviation service industry and strategic emerging industry

Ecological and Pastoral Town Demonstration Center

Comprehensive three-dimensional traffic hub for cities of central Shaanxi Province.

Demonstration area of new-type urbanization

Development goal: 

By 2020, implementation of the main function areas will have set the scale, airport economy effectiveness will be gradually appearing, and construction of major transportation will be basically completed. The positioning of the portal airport will have been further consolidated. 

Key development industries:

Aviation Logistics

E-commerce settlement and distribution center

Cross border E-commence

International and Domestic Express Center

Air Freight Agency

Fresh Cold Chain

Cargo Airline

Bonded business:

Bonded Logistics Storage

Bonded commodities display, transaction and maintenance

Bonded Processing and Maintenance

Port working

Aircraft maintenance and manufacturing industry: 

Aircraft final assembly and delivery

Aviation corporation and Third Party aircraft maintenance

Maintenance of aeromotor and undercarts

Aircraft parts and accessories maintenance and PMA manufacturing

Aircraft Interiors refit and manufacturing

Training of pilots and maintenance personnel

Airport strategic emerging industry: 

Intelligent robot

Innovation and application of graphene in the whole industry chain

Bio-medicine Industry

New Material Application

High-end intelligent device

Headquarter of aviation enterprises: 

National/regional headquarter of aviation enterprises

Administrative units and auxiliary units of civil aviation

Air-ground service enterprise

Package-tour firm

Flight training

Hotel catering

Cultural creation and high-end service industry:

Artwork display and transaction center

Bonded cultural business

Joint international art school

Aviation vocational-technical school

Tourist center

Specialized exhibition

Airport Agriculture: 

Ecological Health

Urban Agriculture

Leisure & Holiday

Aviation Food