Western Cloud Valley

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1. Overview

It is built in the Information Industrial Park of Fengxi New City, Xixian New Area by Xixian’s Information Industry Park Investment and Development Co.

Located on a 83,333-sqm land to south Kangding Road, north Fengjing Road, east Fengwei Avenue, and west Xingxian Road, Cloud Valley has a total investment of about 700 million yuan and a floor area of about 163,000 sqm.


The plot ratio is 2, site coverage 27.5 percent, and greening rate 35 percent.

It has been included in the province’s“growth guaranteeing” project for key support.

In the park, there are S&T business incubators and accelerators, offices for research and development, IDC centers, call centers, IT industrial production, and living facilities such as hotels or apartments. It aims to create a “five-minute industrial ecosphere” and “urban core industrial community”, integrating production, education, research and accommodation.

Currently, tenants include Microsoft, Chinasoft International, Sofmit, Shaanxi Information Engineering Research Institute, and Chang’an Bank.

After being put into operation, the park will offer 4,000 jobs and earn a 2-billion-yuan output value (about 12,000 yuan per square meter) with per capita annual output of 500,000 yuan.



2. Tenants

(1) Microsoft

It is a globally-known multinational computer science company that develops, manufactures, licenses, and sells a wide range of computer software services.

In June 2013, its five joint projects with Shaanxi province were put into operation.   

- Shaanxi Microsoft Innovation Center 

Licensed by the corporation headquarters, the center helps Shaanxi upgrade pillar industries and incubate S&T companies via cooperation with Fengxi New City on industrial projects to foster talents, applications and industries.

The center focuses on enterprise support and incubators, application research and innovation in cloud computing and big data fields, in addition to IT technical advice on smart city construction and on Shaanxi’s information industry development.

It also supports software companies to develop applications related to cloud computing and big data, displays its innovative technologies and trains talented personnel to enhance the competitiveness of local software companies and incubate more enterprises in the two fields, especially enhancing their capacity to undertake related outsourcing services.

- Microsoft regional accelerator

The team at Shaanxi Microsoft Innovation Center has supplied local start-ups with professional tutorship in financing and projects and resources including softwares for self-use, technical support, training, and market promotion assistance in order to help software and Internet services companies achieve rapid success at the early stages of development.

The team has copied MAWA business models, gathered related resources, and utilized former incubation and support policies including Bizspark and Dreamspark.

This project is based on the Microsoft Innovation Center and began operation simultaneously with it.

- Smart city construction

Based on the latest technology of CITY NEXT, Microsoft has applied best practices worldwide in Xixian’s smart city construction and pushed forward construction in Shaanxi, through innovations in technology and service models and improved management capabilities.

Microsoft China has assigned senior engineers and related technical personnel to support Xixian’s smart city project, including the overall development planning, top-level design, core platforms and applications and services, drawing from the company’s innovative technologies and global related experience.

The core platforms include a “smart city cloud computing data center”, a “big data platform”, a “services cloud for SMEs”, a “development and testing cloud”, and a “mobile office cloud”.

- Microsoft software services outsourcing and talent training base

The base helps Xixian train IT personnel and foster an industrial environment and is also an important strategic resource of the Asia-Pacific R&D Group in Shaanxi.

It builds a simulation of outsourcing project delivery and cloud computing test environment to share ARD’s best practices of software engineering and the latest strategic development directions in the field of intelligent and software outsourcing industry.

This is to cultivate more high-level professionals for Shaanxi’s outsourcing and cloud computing industries, to establish a mature IT environment for Microsoft, and to create favorable conditions for industrial development and various types of enterprises to start business in the park.

Before this, there was only one training base settled in the Chongqing Economic Development Zone, in a small scale relied on the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

The new one in Fengxi New City was launched in March 2014. Its work includes training teachers from cooperated institutions, providing teaching materials and building a cloud computing lab. It has enrolled trainees from society and from universities.

- Microsoft IT Academy (ITA)

Praised as the “cradle of engineers”, the academy has great brand value as it has representatives of its high-quality technical training all around the world.

Shaanxi plans to train a large number of personnel with employment competitiveness including advanced IT technology and practical experience, so as to support its innovation-oriented provincial construction.

In the first half of 2014, Fengxi completed the construction of a technical practice center and a public cloud of education, confirmed related resources including teachers, technology, and teaching materials from related partners according to the college’s united education system, and set up teaching systems and curriculums.

It also has adopted Microsoft’s training and examination mechanisms on a global professional technical certificate.

In addition, Microsoft China helped Xixian build a public cloud platform for online education which has provided more than 15,000 qualified educators in Shaanxi with free “Office 365 Public Cloud Function A2” that contains a 25-GB online space, a 25-GB mailbox, Office web and instant messaging for each student. 

2. Sofmit Group

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in China’s Chengdu city, the group is a professional IT services company engaged in software and information services, and business process outsourcing.

With a philosophy of “do what you are best at and outsource the rest”, it has constantly tapped the global market to create values for customers with IT technology.

It was the first in the industry to come up with the innovative outsourcing model OBC and put it into practice with a large number of successful cases and mature customers in Europe, America, Japan and China.

The group is a key software and service outsourcing enterprise for Ministry of Commerce, a key pilot of European and American exports for the Ministry of Science and Technology, a top 10 in China’s software outsourcing and export, a top 15 in Chinese service outsourcing enterprises for best practices, and also the largest software and service outsourcing company in western China.

3. Chinasoft International Co

Founded in 2000 and listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE: 354), Chinasoft International is a large comprehensive company of “end to end” software and information services - ranging from consulting, solutions and IT outsourcing services to personnel training.

Its business covers governments, manufacturing and distribution, finance and banking, insurance and securities, mobile applications, telecommunications, high technology, public utilities and energy.

It also serves dozens of cities in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the US (Princeton, Seattle, Austin, Houston and Dallas), the UK (London), Ireland (Dublin) and Japan (Tokyo) as well as more than 100 multinational companies with more than 23,000 employees.

4. Shaanxi Information Engineering Research Institute

The research institute was established on May 20, 2013 by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology on the basis of four research centers and two joint labs including the Shaanxi Research Center of Informatization and Industrialization Integrated Innovation and the Shaanxi Research Center of High Performance Computing, after one and a half year of construction.

It focuses on information technology-related development strategies, planning, top-level design, standards and policy consulting. 

To meet the urgent needs of Shaanxi’s social and economic development and information technology, the institute mainly studies e-government, big data applications, informatization and industrialization integration, smart city, network and information security.

At present, Shaanxi has topped the country in the development of information technology, especially in e-government public platforms and the big data industry, which has won praise from the State Council and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Shaanxi’s development of information technology is in a crucial period and faces mass innovation needs so the institute must be open and serve as a platform where cooperating research institutes can communicate about their development needs and engage in joint research to tackle problems, and where governments, production units, universities, research institutes, and application developers can collaborate.