Chongwen Cultural Tourist Scenic Spot

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Reflecting the cultural atmosphere in Jinghe New City, the Chongwen Tower in the zone began operation on Sept 30, 2013. Its Chongwen Middle School opened in 2014, as did its vineyard and industrial incubation center.

There is also a 1.1-square-kilometer Chongwen Major Town to the northeast of Chongwen Tower. Its total floor area is 2.74 million square meters, of which 2.57 million square meters is for residential use and about 1 million square meters is designated commercial space.

The resettlement region of the town was planned to be finished in three phases over four years. The first phase covers an area of 502,266.67 square meters, 310,000 of which is for residences; and a total floor area of 705,700 square meters, of which 517,900 square meters are for houses that can accommodate 3,864 families and 12,300 people.

It won the gold medal for planning and design and the “2011 Habitat Green and Livable Residence Model” title at the 8th China Model Habitat Architectural and Planning Design Competition.