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Overall Plan of Xixian New Area in Shaanxi 

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V. Policy Support

Development and construction of Xixian New District should manifest the reform and innovation spirit, break the deep contradictions that restrict urban scientific development and reflect public-interest urbanization with Chinese characteristics.

(1) Endow Xixian New Area with the Prior and Pilot Privilege of the Innovative City Development Mode

We should support Xixian New District as a prior pilot area in terms of urban and rural social management, administrative management, scientific and technological resource arrangement and cultural resource protection and development. National policy pilot status related to financial taxation, land, ecology and service industry should be given to the new district.

(2) Conduct Prior Layout of Major Industry Projects

While the country arranges and plans the major industrialization project, it must give key support to Xixian New Area’s major projects in strategic new industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new-generation information technology, biological medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, encouraging them to settle in Xixian New Area. It should also give pre-approval to the industry transfer project.

(3) Strengthen Policy Support

Central financing enlarges the strength of general payment transfers and will support Shaanxi Province in gradually improving the basic public service levels of Xixian New Area. Related national special capital will similarly increase the strength of relevant projects and accelerate development of the new area’s related social causes. Centralized infrastructure will support local infrastructure, and advance urban and rural social causes and construction of an environmentally-friendly municipal administration that accords with local conditions. We should therefore encourage financial organizations to further enlarge their credit support for the new area. Those organizations should support approved enterprises by issuing enterprise bonds, and be encouraged to develop various investment funds while expanding investment and financing channels.

VI. Organization & Implementation

A provincial joint conference system for construction in Xixian New Area should be established to research and solve related problems on a regular basis. The national related departments must be ready to provide guidance, coordination and support to construction of Xixian New Area and to formulate related supportive measures according to their own functions. Shaanxi Province should prioritize the development and construction of Xixian New Area, strengthen the area’s organization and leadership, formulate supportive policies, set up overseeing organizations to monitor implementation work and stay well connected to related national departments so as to guarantee the smooth implementation of development and construction. The province should also coordinate progress in Xixian New Area with the development of Xi’an and Xianyang through a cooperation mechanism noted for unified planning, a clear division of responsibilities, and harmonious sharing of duties.