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Overall Plan of Xixian New Area in Shaanxi 

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II. Overall Approach to Constructing Xixian New Area

(1) Guiding Theories 

The guiding theories for the construction of Xixian New Area are socialism with Chinese characteristics, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thoughts of the ‘Three Representatives’ and the Scientific Outlook on Development.

Following those theories means tightly focusing on innovative city development, intensifying resource development, concentrating industries and talents together, protecting the ecology, and boosting the simultaneous development of industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization.

It also means constructing the important pivots of the Silk Road Economic Belt and increasing domestic westward openness while arranging scientific and technological resources to improve innovation ability. The theories support developing the high-tech industry and improving regional comprehensive economic ability. Urban-rural integration should be completed and public service and social management should be perfected. Further, the ecological environment and historical culture must be protected and regional sustainable development ability must be improved to enhance the area’s international comprehensive competitiveness and status. Xixian New Area should be developed as an important pivot of domestic openness into the west areas, and as a model of public-interest urbanization with Chinese characteristics.

(2) Basic Principles 

Scientific planning and intensive land utilization

According to the national overall strategy of regional development and land utilization, and the requirements of urban and town planning, we must carry out fundamental environmental protection planning and midterm and long-term planning of water resources. We must design and take reasonable steps, support the work in an orderly way, and protect both cultivated and forested land, strictly controlling designation of land for construction and improving land utilization generally.

Public-interest strategy and urban and rural integration

Development of Xixian New Area must benefit the villagers, and social construction must lead urban construction. Urban and rural development, infrastructure construction, industry development, ecological protection, public service and social management must be conducted with systematic design and comprehensive implementation to maximize urban and rural coordinated development.

Government support and market operation

We must construct a service-oriented government, further complete the market system, mobilize enterprise initiative, and gather domestic and foreign resources to develop and construct Xixian New Area.

Stock vitalization, increment optimization

It’s also important to fully utilize the science & technology, education, culture and talent advantages of Xi’an and Xianyang to maximize resource reserves. Following that, we should improve distribution efficiency of the resources to optimize the beneficial effects of resource allocation.

Cultural inheritance and environment protection

Traditional cultures must be protected and cultural soft power should be strengthened. To realize sustainable development the focus should be on environmental protection, strengthening construction, operation and supervision of anti-pollution facilities, and preventing anything less than cutting-edge technology from being installed in Xixian New Area.

Openness and innovation, prioritize experimentation

The development must utilize the central city status of Xi’an and quicken the pace of internal and external opening up. It should apply theory in a flexible way so as to keep up with the times and give priority to new methods. We should expect breakthroughs in key areas such as system and procedure development, and anticipate fresh policy measures for innovative urban development.

(3) Strategic Location

Pilot zone of the innovative urban development mode

It’s crucial to learn from successful domestic and foreign urban planning, face realities and build Xixian New Area into a modern pastoral city with intensive land utilization, a detailed layout of urban space, surrounding ecological and agricultural areas, urban and rural organic integration and a beautiful environment for habitation. Urban development space must be optimized, various forms of urban capacity must be improved, and integrated urban and rural development must occur.

Important pivots of the Silk Road Economic Belt

Given the location advantages of the area it makes sense to speed up construction of Xi’an as an important pivot of the Silk Road Economic Belt. We must focus on constructing it into a modern city with historical and cultural characteristics. It’s necessary to strengthen service functions and improve the types and levels of domestic westward openness to make Xixian New Area a competitive growth pole along the economic belt.

Demonstration area of scientific and technological innovation

Similarly, we should take advantage of the scientific research resources of Xi’an, put in place supporting science and technology policies, perfect the science and technology innovation systems and build Xixian New Area into a national first-rate base for high-tech R&D, transition to market of R&D outcomes, and product production.

Demonstration area of history and culture inheritance and protection

Development of Xixian New Area must depend on rich historical and cultural resources and be committed to extensive heritage protection, cultural tourism and integrated development of ecological and environmental protection. Strengthened protection of historical relics and inheritance of intangible culture heritage will create urban culture and build an urban image based on those characteristics.

Energy finance center and logistics center in northwest region

We also need to take advantage of the abundant energy and resources and convenient transportation of Xixian New Area to construct a financial system based on energy trade and supported by an important energy financial center serving the northwest region. International airport development and land transportation are both pivotal. It’s important to improve distribution logistics and construct a national logistics center.


(4) Development Objective

By 2015, the main infrastructure of Xixian New Area had basically been constructed, and the industry development framework basically determined. Today, the land intensification level is obviously improved, as is the ecological environment. Basic urban and rural public service construction is making new progress.

By 2020, the innovative city development of Xixian New Area will have obvious effects. People’s economic strength, innovative development ability and living standards will be greatly improved. Integrated construction of Xi’an and Xianyang will have made important progress and will be playing an important role in leading northwest development, boosting west area development and constructing the Silk Road Economic Belt.