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Overall Plan of Xixian New Area in Shaanxi 

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In accordance with the requirements of The State Council’s Notice of Print National Planning of Main Functional Area (National Issue [2010] No 46), The State Council’s Reply to ‘12th Five-Year’ Plan for the West Development ( National Letter [2012] No 8) and Development Plan of The Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, the overall plan is specially formulated to advance the planning and construction of Xixian New Area and explore public-interest urbanization with Chinese characteristics.

I. Importance of Setting up the Xixian New Area 

Xixian New Area is located between Xi’an City and the built-up area of Xianyang City in Shaanxi Province. It includes some of the area of seven districts and counties of the two cities. It is the core area of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone. It has obvious location advantages, a good economic foundation, abundant education, science & technology talents, a profound historical culture and good natural ecological resources. It plays important roles in implementing the strategy for west area development, boosting Xi’an-Xianyang integration, leading the development of the great northwest region, constructing the important pivots of the Silk Road Economic Belt and creating an important pivot of westward openness. It provides guidance and serves as a demonstration model in exploring public-interest urbanization with Chinese characteristics and perfecting integration of urban and rural development. 

(1) Construction of Xixian New Area will quicken Xi’an-Xianyang integration. Xi’an is an important central city in the west area of China and is a world-famous ancient capital. It has the fundamental requirements of a modern city including a prosperous economy, harmonious society, complete facilities, and rich historical and cultural characteristics. Establishing Xixian New Area and following the Xixian integrated development strategy is an important measure for building a larger Xi’an.

(2) Construction of Xixian New Area will help formulate urban development ideas and explore public-interest urbanization with Chinese characteristics. To set up Xixian New Area, there must be a focus on the general public and a commitment to learning from the domestic and foreign urban development experience. Through innovative urban development and scientific planning and construction, we can improve functional layout, realize the joint development of the central downtown and the new district and create intensive, efficient, ecological and sustainable urban development.

(3) Construction of Xixian New Area will strengthen the positive impact of the regional economy and advance coordinated development of the Guanzhong and the northwest region. Xi’an (Xianyang) Metropolis is an important core engine of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone. Establishing Xixian New Area will help create a positive regional economic effect in the western area, guide and drive the northwest region and boost regional economic coordination.

(4) Construction of Xixian New Area will help make Xi’an an open inland economic strategic highland and boost domestic westward development. Its establishment will extend the influence of certain platforms such as the Euro-Asia Economic Forum and the China West & East Cooperation and Investment Trade Fair, innovate the economic system, integrate internal and external financial and trade techniques, expand westward development, construct important pivots of the Silk Road Economic Belt and inject new vigor and momentum into the development of western areas.


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