Lewa City·88 Hot Spring Park in Jinghe New City

(xixianxinqu.gov.cn) 2016-09-28 Print Mail Share

Lewa City·88℃ Hot Spring Park is an important component of the Lewa City Project, located in the core of the modern service demonstration area in Jinghe New City. 

With a total area of 220,000 square meters, it is divided into an indoor and outdoor part. The outdoor part is composed of six sections: the Seabed Area, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ocean World, Tropical Rain Forest, Tropical Sea Island and Venice Waters, and includes over 20 classic water amusement projects and 200 themed landscapes. It is operated 365 days per year.

This water-world project is not only the largest hot spring water theme park in Asia, but is also home to the 1500-meter manmade river for drifting, the longest in Asia, the largest wave pool with a wave height of 3.5 meters and a 65-meter hurricane tower, also the largest in the world.

The opening of Lewa City·88℃ Hot Spring Park will combine with Lewa City·Lewa Adventures, which should further optimize the tourism structure of Shaanxi Province and fill in some functional gaps of Shaanxi’s cities. It’s anticipated that the annual number of tourists will exceed 10 million, providing over one thousand jobs, which is of great importance in boosting concentrated development of the modern service industry, promoting regional economic transformation and upgrades and enriching the cultural life of the general public.

Meanwhile, Lewa City·88℃ Hot Spring Park, along with Lewa Adventure, Fucha Town, the Chongwen Tower, and the Jinghe Smart Agricultural Zone is helping the Jinghe New City to be a new highland of national first-rate cultural tourism, thus boosting development of the regional economy and society.