Fucha Town

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Fucha Town is located at Shuangzhao Village, Jinghe New City, Xixian New Area. The soul of Fucha Town is Fu tea. It is a beautiful pastoral town integrating the cultures of Fu tea, the people of the Shaanxi Central Plain and the Silk Road.


Fucha Town cultivates a single microorganism probiotic -- eurotium cristatum (Gold Flower) -- through special processing techniques. Fu tea has outstanding health care functions. It promotes digestion and weight loss, enhances immunity, reduces blood fat and sugars, resists oxidation and aging and protects blood vessels.


At present, dozens of Fu tea enterprises and manual Fu tea workshops in Jinghe New City and Jingyang show the splendid history of ‘the Ancient Tea-Horse Road’. Fu tea culture has now become a famous special feature in Shaanxi and even throughout China.