Jinghe New City Chongwen Middle School in Xixian New Area

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The newly established Chongwen Middle School, with a unique court-style structure, was built to national-level middle school standards. It is the first self-established middle school in Jinghe New City in Xixian New Area.

Each Chongwen Middle School classroom is equipped with multimedia teaching facilities, including multimedia desks, acoustics and projectors. The blackboards have been discarded in favor of push-pull glass boards and touch-screen electronic teaching white boards. The ‘hardware’ supporting facilities embody the modernized teaching standards of Chongwen Middle School.

Jinghe New City is firmly rooted in the realities of its region, including its historical environment, in terms of campus construction. The overall layout is one axis and three areas: the space landscape axis, the teaching area, the student activity area and the sports activity area, highlighting the humanistic and modern atmosphere of the school. The entire campus architecture adopts a modern humanism style with a vigorous orange, mixed with gray-white, as its main color. 

While emphasizing the historical and cultural atmosphere of the campus, the architecture also features contemporary characteristics.

Chongwen Middle School is an educational investment project jointly built by Jinghe New City, Jingyang County Party Committee and the Jingyang Government; it is also a key construction project of Chongwen. 

Sun Hongjian, Party branch secretary and deputy president of Chongwen Middle School, said it is a full-time primary middle school set up according to national-level middle school standards with a total investment of 80 million yuan and with a floor area of around 51mu. 

The school has 21 regular and 24 multifunctional classrooms, which can hold 900 students. It has complete facilities such as a comprehensive teaching building, a common teaching building, student dormitories, a canteen, a standard stadium, and basketball and football courts.