Xixian New Area Airport Maple Leaf International School

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Xixian New Area Airport Maple Leaf International School is a key project supporting public service in Airport New City. It was established by Dalian Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Airport New City. Its primary and middle schools formally opened on September 1, with a planned enrollment of 300. On September 1, 2017, the senior high school, a school for foreign children and a kindergarten, all part of the international school, will be opened.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems is the leader of China’s international education, with 20,000 students. It focuses on all grades, from primary school to senior high school. Since its establishment 20 years ago, it has offered a complete fundamental international education system. After passing their exams, senior high school students are eligible for diplomas from both China and Canada. If the students accumulate the stipulated credits, they can directly apply for universities in English-speaking countries or regions. To date, it has produced over 10,000 senior high school graduates; 56% of whom have been admitted to the top 100 universities in the world.