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Shaanxi Fengdong (International) Hospital

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Shaanxi Fengdong (International) Hospital is a private and nonprofit hospital approved by the Shaanxi Health Department and invested in and constructed by Xi’an Taikang Hospital Management Co, Ltd. It is a modern high-standard Class III Grade A comprehensive hospital that integrates medicare, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, aid and recovery (including special facilities for traditional Chinese medicine). It is the first Class III Grade A medical service hospital to be built in the governing area of Fengdong New City.

The total architectural area of the hospital is 300,000 square meters and its total investment is around 3.1 billion yuan. The hospital includes buildings for inpatient services, medical technology, emergencies, clinical treatment, and administration, and centers for chronic disease recovery, international medical exchange, proton treatment, translational medicine, and clinical teaching, as well as other supporting rooms. It is located within the Arranged Scientific & Technological Reform Demonstration Base, Fengdong New City; south of Hongguang Road, west of Taiping River, east of Keyuan East Road and north of Keyuan South Road.