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General Office of the State Council issues opinions on building facilities for public entrepreneurship and innovation

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Xixian new district becomes a national model facility for public entrepreneurship and innovation

The General Office of the State Council recently issued opinions on building model facilities for public entrepreneurship and innovation. Xixian New Area was among the first 28 sites chosen for the program. Xixian was named a national “sponge city” and national pilot site for new urbanization and service trade innovation.

The State Council’s document aims to accelerate public entrepreneurship and innovation, speed up new economic development and create new growth engines. A group of model facilities for public entrepreneurship and innovation and relevant support platforms will be built under the government-led and market-oriented guideline. The goal is to clear away policy barriers and develop experience that can be copied and popularized in future.

The document stresses that relevant parties should support innovation and exploration by building facilities for public entrepreneurship and innovation, broadening market development space, strengthening intellectual property protection, speeding up commercialization of scientific research findings, stepping up fiscal support, boosting numbers of innovative personnel, enhancing reform of collaboration and economic sharing, stimulating institutional potential and creating an ideal business start-up and innovative environment.

The document clarifies that all personnel should focus on boosting innovative start-up business development by putting model facilities into categories and developing them accordingly. Regional model facilities should discover resources for innovative start-ups and develop service-oriented government. Policy measures should be improved, investment sources for start-ups should be expanded and a public entrepreneurship and innovation culture should be fostered.

The document asks all relevant governments to launch pertinent policies and measures and ensure they will be put into force to realize social innovation potential. Inter-governmental coordination mechanisms should be introduced to offer policy, talent and public service support for scientific institutes and various businesses.

Xixian has insisted on innovative development and created software and hardware for public entrepreneurship. A group of such projects has settled in the district, which includes Xi'an Jiaotong University’s scientific innovation port. At the same time, the China-Russia Silk Road Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, Innovation Development Forum for West China and Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition have helped to pave the way for public entrepreneurship in the region.

Being chosen as a model facility is recognition of Xixian’s efforts on innovation and start-up business development and paves the way for the district’s future development. Xixian will continue to explore policy and resource improvement. It will strive to accumulate experience that can be copied and popularized in future.