Reform Demo Base of Scientific and Technological Resources Coordination

(xixianxinqu.gov.cn) 2016-09-28 Print Mail Share


The demo base is located in Wangsi Street in Fengdong New City of Xixian, west of the belt highway, north of Doumen Street, east of Fenghe River, and south of Xi’an-Baoji Highway, with a planned area of 10 square kilometers.

It intends to lead the development of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone and the western China and cultivate global-oriented strategic emerging industries, gather S&T innovation resources and test and transform S&T achievements, and enable S&T workers to start businesses.

To those ends, the base will spend 10 years on institutional innovation, policy guidance, platform construction, resource integration, and incubation speed-up in line with Xi'an’s development of S&T resources.

It will focus on the development of public technology services, high-tech R&D and start-up incubators, high-tech corporate headquarters economy and high-end productive services, to accelerate the transfer of S&T advances to innovation, industrial and economic outcomes.