Fucha Town

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Based on the Fu tea culture in Jingyang county as well as the folk and life culture in Guanzhong, the town contains an industrial park of Fu tea culture that can boost tourism and economic development of neighboring towns and villages.

The project will be a first-class comprehensive park in China incorporating Fu tea and extended cultural products, cultural shows, tourism, and urban and rural integration.


It is located in the northwest corner of the intersection of Chama Rd and Gaojingzhong Rd and is made up of the Fu Tea Culture Industry Park, a display area of products, a beautiful town, and a renovation project of Shuangzhao village.

It plans to improve the surrounding cultural, commercial, and residential support facilities through cultural tourism.

The Fu Tea Culture Industry Park has established a cultural industry chain centered on Fu tea, with tea production, research and development, experience and cultural shows, to drive the economic and tourism development in neighboring towns.

The Fucha town is planned with low-density housing and business and a simple and unsophisticated style thanks to a blending of the tea culture and Guanzhong folk and life culture in its construction.