Big Data Industrial Park

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Big data is another technological revolution after cloud computing and Internet of Things, and it has huge development potential and space for innovation as business models such as data storage, analysis and applications have not yet been established. Therefore, the first domestic big data processing and services park has been conceived for the Information Industrial Park.

The big data park, with an area of 3 square kilometers, is divided into a basic data storage area, a data application and R&D area, and a data overlaying and expansion area.

Aimed at the country and the world, the park hopes to scale up the collection and deepen the analysis of data, develop social applications in multiple fields and increase profits.

It will develop data storage, call centers, IDC centers, data backup centers, and exchange and sharing platforms and innovate in business models.

It strives to become a national background processing and backup center of governmental resources, a national big data processing center, and the largest storage and service area of information resources in China.